Monday, August 31, 2009

People I'd like to thank(river run)

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I'd like to thank a bunch of good friends that helped me during the ''Tennessee River Record Run''. I can't tell you guys how much I appreciate each of you for helping me achieve a goal I've had on my mind for several couldn't have and wouldn't have be possible without your help. I also want to thank every person who came out to the river that day to cheer us on as we ran up the river. It absolutely blew our minds how many people we saw along the river waving at us and taking pictures. We saw a man waving an American flag, people on bridges waving and cheering, MANY people on boats, several people at the dams and at different river parks and a man flying a air plane beside us for a few seconds as we went by. Seeing all this pumped both me and Cooper up even was like a bust of energy hit us each time we saw people waving at us and cheering us on. I also want to thank all the people who followed our progress on the websites, I hope it made their day a little more exciting... Thank you for your support!!!!!!!
Two days before the run I had remembered I had forgotten to call the APBA with a name for the boat (they like each boat to have a name so they can put it on the certificate/record). I called the APBA and named the boat after my 17 week old little girl....''Miss. Reese''. This was very special to me and my wife as well. I've got 2 more records I'd like to try to break (one day), I'll have to name the next boat after my little boy... .
I also want to thank DA for all his hard work on the youtube videos and the banner. I didn't ask DA to do this for me, but I'm SO happy he did. I'll have the video and pictures forever and be able to share them with everyone when I get old...It'll be proof to my Grand kids that I did something pretty cool at one point in my life..... We also plan to make ''Tennessee River Record Run'' t-shirts and give all the profits to charity. Thanks you DA for you work and ideas!!!

These are the people I want to thanks...

Cooper Jones
Tim Crowe and Glenn
Chad Harpole
Tom at Bullet
Luke AKA wakinvol
My dad John Nichols
Brad Ferguson
Titus Grisham
My Wife for ''letting me do it''...
Todd and Tom at Hydromotive
Mercury Racing
And none of this would have been possible without the help and support of Bullet Boats.

Thank You, Paul

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